The Monday night Quiz is returning. Come along for 8 o'clock and see if you can win.

Guest ales coming up soon!

Red Rock " Break Water"

Cotleigh "25"

Music coming up at the Minerva ;
This Week

 Thurs 27th July Jam Session 
 Fri 28th July 2100Nick Jones
 Sat 29th July2100DB2 (Plan C)
Sun 30th July 1630
JD & Coke
Mon 31st July 2000Quiz 

Next Week
Weds 2nd Aug  2000Karaoke 
 Thur 3rd Aug Jam Session 
 Fri 4th Aug 2100Total Stranger
 Sat 5th Aug2100Girl Friday
Sun 6th Aug 1630
JD & Coke
 7th Aug 2000Quiz