The Quiz has now returned for February. If it goes OK we will be continuing it on a permanent basis.

What is the most number of aces served by one player during a Wimbledom tournament?

The Quiz
The quiz at the Minerva is held every Monday night and commences at 8 o'clock.
The main quiz is free to enter, with a prize of 4 drinks to the winning team so is based upon a maximum team number of 4 people.
The quiz consists of 5 rounds of 10 general knowledge questions, a picture round and at the end of the evening a music round featuring 20 second clips of music, to be identified.

During the evening we ask a killer question. It costs £1 to enter and has a minimum £50 jackpot but increases by £10 every week that it is not won.
The killer question itself has a numerical answer, Limits are set within the question, so to win the jackpot you have to get the answer within the limits. If no one gets the jackpot the person with the closest guess will win a voucher that can be exchanged for take away drinks from the bar, and the jackpot will increase by £10 for the following week.

The highest jackpot we have had so far is £600